Duromine vs. Metermine

Selecting an Effective Weight Loss Medication
Striving to lose weight and be as fit as a few years ago, one should definitely put some efforts. Sometimes a healthy diet and regular exercising is enough for a sufficient result, though medical interference is required in a range of cases.

Thus, suffering from severe obesity cases, you cannot cope with the condition changing only your routine and eating habits, as you need more potent actions. Patients, who have excessive weight and related health issues, like heart stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. are usually prescribed some quality, safe and effective weight loss drugs.

Selecting from a multitude of available weight loss aids, special attention is frequently paid to Duromine and Metermine. Both meds are approved to be safe and reported to produce the desirable effect. However, there should be some difference between the two.

Duromine and Metermine Common Features

Duromine and Metermine belong to a group of potent appetite suppressants and energy stimulators. The drugs are manufactured by iNova Pharmaceutical Company with both treatments being Phentermine alternatives. Sharing the identical active components, the medications produce the same great effects.

The treatment course with any of these potent remedies includes not only medication intake, but constant workouts and a low-calorie diet. This complex approach stimulates the fat burning process and boosts lipid digestion.

Effective weight loss pills (Duromine and Metermine) are prescribed for patients suffering from alimentary obesity that presupposes the combinations of sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of great amounts of high-calorie, fatty and spicy food. Having this excess weight type, people cannot stick to a diet for a necessary period of time, thus, they are prescribed with extra help.

The main action of both medications is based on the appetite suppressive function. Taking any of these capsules, the patients are sated with small amounts of food. Additionally, the diet pills have a stimulating feature that helps the organism produce and consume more energy, preventing lipid digestion and stimulating burning of fat.

Due to the suppressive option Metermine and Duromine improve food consumption, eliminating digestion of consumed fats. In this respect both medications are powerful enough to reduce the body mass index with no psychical or emotional changes and discomfort.

The exclusive feature of Duromine and Metermine is in the capsules, containing ion exchange resin complex that guarantees gradual Phentermine release, thus, even a more durable and long-lasting effect. It also allows patients with alimentary obesity to feel no hunger during 25 hours.

Another great advantage of both medications is that they form a new dietary habit that helps people not just lose excessive weight, but also stay fit after some time.

Differences between Duromine and Metermine

Selecting weight loss aid, consult your doctor to ensure the drug is safe for your health condition. Despite all the common points of Duromine and Metermine, the drugs have a slight difference. Even though, they can be produced by the same manufacturer, Metermine is a generic variant of Duromine. Thus, if you cannot access Duromine, opt for Metermine without any doubt. As a pleasant bonus, you will also receive a lower price of the generic medication.