Duromine vs. Adipex

If you have been trying hard and put much effort to improve your weight, but everything was in vain and you did not receive a desirable effect, it is time to start medical treatment. The pharmaceutical researches and discoveries of the past few decades supplied people with multiple quality and effective drugs to treat obesity.

These are mainly Phentermine-containing drugs with their potent contribution to the operation of the central nervous system. In the course of further investigations, multiple Phentermine alternatives and derivatives have been created, with Adipex and Duromine being the most striking examples. Despite the fact that both medications contain Phentermine as an active ingredient, they have a range of differences.

Main Differences between Duromine and Adipex

Hardly any patient who suffers from obesity is ready to waste time trying diverse medications and testing their effect on the organism. Thus, it is inevitable to known various features of each medication and opt for the one suiting your needs and providing a desirable effect. Additionally, one should ensure a high safety level of the treatment course, based on health condition, related complications and other issues.

Thus, before taking either Duromine or Adipex, consult your healthcare provider, inform him/her about all the experienced health problems and medications you are taking to choose the safest variant. It will also help to prevent possible drug interactions and other dangerous reactions.

While Duromine and Adipex are the variants of the same med, they have multiple discrepancies. First of all, both medications are banned by some countries, for example, you will never buy Duromine in the USA, while Adipex is not available in Australia.

Though, both drugs are accessible via online stores and can be delivered to any country. Another important difference between the two drugs is the function of the active component. Duromine contains Phentermine as a resin complex, while Adipex – as Hydrochloride. Consequently, the effect produced by the drugs also varies.

While Adipex is most commonly prescribed to patients with severe obesity cases and accompanying health issues, such as heart problems, high cholesterol level, diabetes of any type, high blood pressure, etc., Duromine is frequently prescribed for both seriously obese and pre-obese patients.

Considering the price difference of Duromine and Adipex, it is necessary to note that the cost of the meds depends mainly on the country. However, you always have an opportunity to order both drugs online at rather moderate and reasonable prices.

What Is Common between Duromine and Adipex?

The most important peculiarity of these two drugs is the category they belong to – effective weight loss medications. Besides, despite minor differences in the form of an active component, Adipex and Duromine produce a drastic and powerful effect, contributing to the work of the central nervous system.

Besides, both medicines are only a part of the full weight loss treatment, as they should be combined with regular physical exercises and constant low-calorie diet.

Moreover, Duromine, as well as Adipex share the same administration recommendations and restrictions. The drugs should be taken one hour before breakfast or two hours after it. It is not allowed to take the medication if you are younger than 16 years old. Follow your doctor’s recommendations to avoid treatment misuse or overuse with all the potential side effects that may appear as the result.