Is Duromine safe?

Before taking any medication or supplement, people want to find out how safe it is to use. When it comes to Duromine, a well-known medication that treats obesity, you also need to know how safe it is before you decide on this treatment, even if you want to start losing weight as soon as possible.

Basically, it’s an effective appetite suppressant, and phentermine is its active ingredient, but the good news is that this component is combined with a specific resin that creates slow release to prolong the effects of this weight loss medicine. Phentermine affects the brain in a way that helps you control appetite, thus, resulting in fat loss.

Another important fact is that Duromine is available in different strengths, from 15 mg to 40 mg, with 30 pills in one pack. Keep in mind that this medication can be bought only with doctor’s prescription. Duromine can be prescribed only if you’re obese and your BMI is over 27, or if you have specific medical conditions, including diabetes and hypertension.

This drug is quite effective when helping many obese patients to lose their weight, especially when combined with certain diet changes and regular exercises. Most of them were able to lose a lot of fat over a short period of time. Don’t forget that many medical and clinical studies have been conducted to prove the safety and effectiveness of Duromine.

However, it’s not 100% safe, despite its many benefits, because there are certain adverse effects associated with its use. That’s why this medication is recommended only for those patients who are obese and need effective weight loss aid. For example, if you have problems with abusing drugs, it’s not advisable to start taking Duromine. To be on a safe side, make sure that you follow the guidelines of your physician and avoid taking it for longer than prescribed.