Duromine side effects with alcohol

21Almost all prescription drugs (Duromine too) must never be used with alcohol. After the use of Duromine and alcohol, efficacy of anti-obesity therapy is reduced, moreover, severe complications may occur.

Duromine drug contains active substance Phentermine, which stimulates the central nervous system (CNS). Alcohol also provides a strong impact on the CNS. Therefore, if people take Duromine pills along with alcohol, severe CNS side effects may arise.

Combined use of Duromine and alcohol can provoke:

  • Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Headache, nausea and vomiting
  • Change in pulse and blood pressure
  • Mental disorders and abnormal behavior
  • Dizziness, which may result in fainting.

The most severe side effects of Duromine and alcohol are difficult breathing and cardiovascular (heart) disorders. Therefore, combination of Duromine drug and alcohol can cause a real threat for health.

If a patient regularly drinks alcohol and takes Duromine, he can develop severe mental disorders (psychosis, aggression, anxiety). Apart from that, alcohol stimulates appetite and causes hunger. Hence, those people, who drink alcohol beverages, are very hard to control the amount of food they eat.

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver. If an obese patient consumes too much alcohol, his liver functions may be disturbed. Drinking alcohol periodically, a person puts himself at risk of severe liver disease.

Many overweight patients do not know that liver has a great role in the fight against obesity. Namely the liver splits up fatty acids in the fat tissue. Therefore, when the liver function is disturbed, the weight loss rate is slowed down.

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